About this site

Did you realize that approximately a quarter of the people in the U.S. embrace a delusional fantasy that Jesus will show up any day and rescue a select group who believe in a particular hard-line, literalistic interpretation of the bible (a view soundly rejected by mainstream Christians)? He’ll then purportedly transport this select group into paradise while the rest of us are carted off to suffer endlessly.

Absurd, right? Before you laugh, take a minute to realize that these are the goofballs who put G.W. Bush into office, and who currently maintain a stranglehold on the political discussion in the U.S. Ignore them at your own peril.

Obviously, these people deserve to be satirized, and their beliefs debunked.

Mind you, I’m a believer in freedom of religion and all that. But freedom ought to travel hand-in-hand with responsibility. The Rapture fanatics fail to recognize that, and consequently use their twisted belief system to justify every variety of recklessly harmful political policy, from abolition of environmental protection, to the embrace of a narrow-minded definition of ‘morality’ which focuses almost entirely on an obsessively backwards view of sexual behavior and completely ignores any other unethical activity (e.g. starting a war that kills and maims hundres of thousands of innocent people).

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Enjoy the site!