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Links relating to Rapture, the Bible, doomsday scenarios and other fun stuff like that.

The Rapture Racket - A review of Barbara R. Rossing’s book The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation (Westview Press, 2004). “Rossing, a New Testament scholar and an associate professor at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, maintains that the Rapture is a fraud of monumental proportions, as well as a disturbing way to instill fear in people.”

The white house is considering contingency plans for the rapture. - what more can we say?

Google news - The latest news on the rapture from

The dark bible - A site dedicated to the dark side of the Bible.

Religious - Bible passages that are immoral by today’s standards. (WARNING: many advertisements)

Patriot Boy’s blog - titled "Jesus’s General, a 10 on the manly scale of absolute gender. Satirical political commentary.

Church of the flying spaghetti monster - The most important variation on the “Intelligent Design” theory yet seen!